I went to see a Drik photography exhibition last year in Dhaka. The exhibition was called Tales from a Globalizing World. It contained some of the best street photography I have seen. I recently took delivery of the book of the exhibition and I have taken the liberty to scan this pic below and reproduce the associated text. I hope the publishers don’t get upset.

THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF CHILDREN who take refuge in the big buildings of Kamlapur Railway Station and Sadarghat Ferry Terminal. They try to earn a living by helping passengers carry their luggage to and from their trains and boats, or by selling cigarettes and fruit on the ferries. They sleep in a group, almost on top of each other, in order to protect themselves. Men, older street children, drug addicts, even policemen often try to use them sexually. Sometimes these children serve a purpose for the politicains and policemen. When the police cannot find enough trouble-makers for the required quota, they come here and pick up street children instead. Dhaka, Bangladesh, November 2001.

Pic and text by Shehzad Noorani in chapter entitled Childhood Denied, Nepal, India, Bangladesh: the struggle to survive.

I was in Sadarghat terminal in December 2005. Don’t think things have changed…..