Lists are usually quite boring but check this one. These are the prominent brand name products currently being manufactured in the republic of Bangladesh!

Nike, Reebok, Lafuma, H and M, Gap, J.C.Penny, Walmart, KMart, OSPIG (Germany), Mother Care, Lee, Wrangler, Dockers, NAB, Tommy Hilfiger, Out Door, Adidas, Flacon (USA), Edie Bauyer, Eagle, Releigh(UK), Emmilee, Free Spiril (UK), Miles (Germany), Brouks, American Eagle, Hi-tech (UK) Decathlon, Phillip-Maurice (UK), Federated, Styles Co, Sag Harbour (USA).

Camera Lens (IO Parts) - Konika, Minolta
Golf Shafts - Abu Garcia
Mobile Parts - Sony
Automobile Parts - Nissan, Mitsubishi, Hino

Source: from a Bangladesh Export Processing Zone Authority document given to me in a recent visit I made a month ago to film their head - Brigadier General Ashraf.