My google bot has a sense of humour I think. This afternoon I suspect it decided I needed cheering up , and it fetched me a variety of stories based on the keywords I have given it - some laughable stories, some sad, some bizarre. I don’t know which ones to tell you about they are all so……dreamy, I think is the word.

There is the sincerely felt but sickly-sweet appeal on DP about the water shed that the Yunus prize should bring about in Bangladesh. It finishes “Let us dream. Let us believe. And then let us get to work.” Yes. Then I read about the dreams and beliefs and work of the opposition Awami League. And do you know what they consist of? Dreaming and believing in massive danda power. They are busy preparing 200,000 sticks and staves to beat the crap out of anyone and anything if the issues around the caretaker government demands are not resolved. And they don’t mind talking openly to the press about these stick/oar making extra-curricular acitivities . They must be worried about the “feel good factor” the prize has generated and all this talk about dreams, and are eager to use lathi and baash power to reverse it.

And then my google bot found another Yunus inspired soul. A disgruntled and disappointed zionist, Ida Nudel wonders whether Bangladesh will replace Israel as a “light unto the nations.” Dear me, Yunus-mania has hit Israel as hard as that? And there was no letting up on the part of my little bot - it found the Chicago Tribune describing Yunus as one of America’s own (as a force for capitalism effectively but said with nicer words) : “Give them a hand up, not a handout, he wrote. That’s an American-sounding notion, courtesy of Bangladesh.”

And finally I will leave you with the dreamiest of all of these. Yes it is by the eminent Prof himself. He reckons North Korea could do with a dose of his Grameen medicine. Someone needs to puncture his bubble, and bring the good professor down to earth and tell him about dreams and effective reality.