Having spent the last three years knocking my house about and creating various structures and openings in glass, I feel like a real dilettante and am often to be found telling architects where to shove it. The conservatism of architecture and architects in the affluent bits of Dhaka - particularly social conservatism - is staggering and especially so when it comes to apartment design. I suspect the handful of developers that exist have imposed a total ceiling on creativity, and so architects are only able to tinker with the internal space and the external facade. The aim of the developers is to maximise their profit and that means building to a standard and well tested set of plans with your drawing room invariably to the left or right as you enter, the large living space/dining area off of which comes the bedrooms, and the disgracefully tiny quarters for the domestics and the de rigeur squat toilet for them…..It is so formulaic it is actually quite laughable that some developers like Concorde go to the bother of giving you a CD with walk through animations….BUT ITS ALL THE SAME I KEEP TELLING THEM…to no avail.

You see, there I go again…. I will stop there and instead point you to a great web site featuring prominent Dhaka/bangladeshi architects. If only all their work was as good as this:

bangali architect
tall building