Yes Dr Yunus you may have got that gong but start worrying - your Grameen phone business has competition. According to certain american publications, North Koreans are buying old phones in Bangkok, sending them to Bangladesh in diplomatic pouches  and selling them on in the streets. Yes American journalism knows no boundaries. When it comes to reds under the beds or mullahs in the attic, it will plumb unheard of depths.

Richard Lloyd Parry the Asia Editor of The Times (London) has been blogging and writing about the short-sightedness of American foreign policy re North Korea and the “inane guff” being spewed by CNN:

The only solution is the one which the South Korean government has promoted all along (and which the US government supported until the advent of George Bush): engagement, a long, patient process of drawing the country out of its shell and enabling North Koreans to see what a dreadful - but not hopeless mess - their leaders have got them into. That’s not going to happen under George Bush, under whose presidency manageable situation in Korea has got out of control. In a sense, the government in Pyongyang is only going to change if the governmennt in Washington changes first.

I follow his blog avidly. He writes brilliantly and about many and varied things. Often quirky. Sometimes tragic. Essential reading really.

There, P, I never thought I would ever say all that about a News International journalist.