Just before elections, politicians change and they become all things to all people.  So I was not suprised to read that Khaleda Zia last week promised to “solve all problems of the Chittagong Hill Tracts if voted to office again.” And how is she going to do this given the historic and irrevocable injustices perpetrated in this area? By developing tourist towns of course. Yes, pick yourself off the floor. You read correctly - all we need are tourist towns. Just think of the trade in crafts and trinkets and eateries.  And oh  yes something else. According to the same newspaper report, she has inagurated a project which will create a statue of Ziaur Rahman!  What a cracker of an idea eh? A statue of her husband to help the tourist trade and to solve the problems of the CHT. 

Myth building centred upon violent events requires physical sites. There is one in Dhanmondi. Now there is going to be another in Chittagong by the looks of it.  And the quiet violence all around the CHT will remain as it is ….quiet.