Well, kind of..

  • Do you live in Singapore, Malaysia, somewhere in the Middle East, Italy or New York?
  • Do you have a good knowledge of the Bangladeshi community in any of these places?
  • Can you help co-ordinate and make arrangements for two researchers?

If so, we are looking for you!

We are interested in people with local knowledge and  extensive contacts within the community. Two researchers will be travelling to these places over the next 12 months, and they will need your help in carrying out their assignments. Yes your role could be substantial in terms of planning and visits etc or you could help by simply sending emails and making some calls.

Money? None of course! But you will get paid for all expenses incurred and get full credit on the web, and the publications and exhibitions  arising out of the work

Fame? Yes of course. You will be working with a renowned cultural activist and a completely unknown Bangladeshi brit. (ie me).

If the above is remotely interesting to you, please tell us a little about yourself in the contact page - where you live, what you do, your age etc and the kinds of linkages you have with the community (formal, informal, academic, business, observer.. whatever). If we like what we hear, we will drop you a line with more extensive information about what we are doing and what we are looking for.  (Our activities are dependent on permissions still being sought and hence I cannot be more specific at this stage..) If you still remain interested, we will probably have a quick chat with you before taking you on board! If you happen to live outside of the areas mentioned above we would still be interested to hear from you BUT ONLY if you are a real live wire and are connected to the community!