It seems a lot of you are searching for KFC and finding my earlier entry on the restaurant. Now that I have been to the restaurant I am in a position to give you my thoughts. And people - please don’t lift my images again. Get your own! You will have to buy me a plate of beryani somehwere in Dhaka if you do…

counter of KFC Gulshan

Colonel KFC, Gulshan Dhaka

KFC Gulshan Dhaka
Now for the review. In a word, its chicken shit crap. If Pizzahut up the road can taste like the original, indeed even better, then why not KFC? The gleaming, shining interior promises so much. Yet the taste is nothing like KFCs elsewhere, and believe me I have tried them the world over….The original flavour chicken pieces are not original flavour at all. And the zinger burger was unrecognisable. The mayo tasted strange and there is an inedible spicy sauce alternative to the ketchup. AVOID. I was with another aficionado, a petuk of grand proportions, and he agreed with my conclusions. The only thing they got “right” were the fries. What is the point of such a fancy place if only the aloo bhaji is edible? The chef needs to do something - maybe a new batch of massala from HQ? Don’t let the side down Mr Chef - inward foreign investment is at stake!