Yesterday. You remember my post about the innovative use of sms for finding water levels free of arsenic by sms? Well how about this use of texting technology: for calling the fire brigade in an emergency! Presumably they phone you back and get the details? Or perhaps they use gsm positioning and locate you and whizz down and hose you down?

sms for fire brigade

And as the caretaker government is about to take over - yes it is a curiosity in world politics this caretaker thing - blogs about Bangladesh will be in a frenzy I am sure. I have decided to concentrate on fashion issues and leave the serious stuff to the boys over at DP. To kick off, how about this geezer’s election poster? I mean is that a wacky shirt or is that a wacky shirt? Psychedelic man. And the tie is no less worthy of mention. And that blazer/suit jacket - oversized by about 3 sizes? What do you reckon? And notice the insets of Zia and Khaleda - compare their respective sizes with that of Mr T in the top left corner?

BNP election poster (Bangladesh)

My mate is MD of Nandan. I am not really name dropping. I have never got a discount off the bastard…nevermind. Anyway, I still patronise the place and here are some tasty mutton heads for your delectation:

mutton heads