The South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission was both problematic and inspirational. Its reverberations continue down the years.  A couple of weeks ago an extraordinary act of repentance took place when the former hated law and order minister of the apartheid regime, Adrian Vlok, publicly washed the feet of a former liberation fighter - the Reverend Frank Chikane. Today I read that Vlok has encouraged other former apartheid security police agents to come forward and seek atonement.

What chance is there for a similar forum for reconciliation in Bangladesh? The splits of 1971 and 1975 are tradegies of national proportions but
they can be accommodated within a mature and functioning democracy. Without this the political forces in the country are unlikely to reach a durable and permanent solution to the problems affecting Bangladeshi democracy.  Reconciliation is both a goal and a process. The process would reinforce the norms and institutions for peace and democracy and create mechanisms that can find a way out of the incredibly futile and violent nature of current politics in the country.

But in the meantime,  enjoy the show.