Dhallywood violence

And coming tomorrow to streets near you - more violence! As if the violence was not enough the other day, the grateful action-movie-loving citizens of Bangladesh have been promised another round this sunday in high definition resolution. The plot line of this real life movie is simple: street violence followed by casualties followed by a sense of victimhood followed by feigned outrage followed by more street violence etc. And with it no doubt we will get more still shots of Hasina’s son like this one below. Never mind that poor Saber is bleeding internally, Awami League wants you to see the still shots of the annointed one its handsome lead man.
Saber Hossain Chowdhury in hospital

Will you be in the front row tomorrow Joy? And what about some pictures of you with the less well known actors from the latest action sequences? The cannon fodder er I mean extras your mum relies on for these shows? ie Joe public?

Hartal poster

Me? I am going for escapism. I am going to get away from it all and see some mindless violence in some disreputable cinema hall as soon as I land next week.