Saber Hossain Chowdhury

Every so often the noblemen of Bangladesh organise massive pageants called “gheraos” and “hartals.” During these events, the brave knights of the order of Hasina go forth and do their best against, what they call, the brute and corrupt forces of Queen Khaleda, the widow of a former supreme knight of the realm. Quite what the purpose is of all the pomp and fanfare no one is sure about. One conjecture is that the photo-opportunities provided by the jousting like the one above of Saber Hossain Chowdhury - taken during yesterday’s festivities - are just too good to miss out on for the knights concerned. They enhance the knight’s credibility within the pecking order and help to ensure a high sanctification should the incumbent monarch ever be unseated and should Hasina the Usurper ever come to occupy the throne. Queen Khaleda’s noblemen never directly challenge Hasina’s knights preferring the comforts of Gulshan and cantonment homes. Rather they let loose their dogs of war - Rab and police and peasants if any are available - and they ensure that these timeless rituals never change.

You too can witness these quaint cultural and historical activities. Just book a flight to Dhaka around December or better still January of next year. Better than the Pamplona Bull Run any day.