There is a strange but interesting report on The World - an online radio thing co-produced by PRI (supplier of non-commercial audio content) , the BBC World Service, and WGBH ( a Boston public radio outfit) - which was picked up by a blogger called Taggert. The report claims that protectionism within the government-owned Bangladesh film industry or Dhallywood has resulted in “bad, formulaic, and banal movies.” Not only that, the producers cut and paste hard-core porn to liven things up. Wahaay! They get round the ineffective censoring system by bribes etc. The consequences of this protectionism are dire - no one buys these films and the bhadrolok do not patronise cinema halls. That is all fine. However what bothers me about this report by Patrick Cox is the central claim that foreign films are totally banned in cinema theatres in the country. Erm….but they are not!

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Or check HERE for the latest foreign film playing in the cineplex at “Bashundhara City.”

And here is a Dhallywood poster on one of these “disreputable” cinema halls (Anarkoli Cinema). No I haven’t seen it. Waiting for the DVD…

Cinema Poster