I board a plane everyweek these days. So this present crisis has affected me quite a bit to say the least. Forget the delays, separation from my Sony Vaio and my ipaq 6965 is just too painful. Anyway, today’s papers have a large number of stories about the suspects and the alleged plot, and as Kate Adie put it, one is not sure whether this is a jigsaw coming together or just confetti. Of course the government is not averse to dishing out big dollops of fear-mongering and scapegoating, and so its in everyone’s interests for some hard evidence to emerge very soon. What worries me is that a minster like John Reid is at the helm of things these days. An ex-communist, he has like many other ex-communists become rabid. A rabid dog of a minister bent on sniffing out arabs in the attic. The bookies are slashing the odds on him becoming the next labour leader. Can you imagine? And I am sure he is hoping to re-introduce the 90 day without charge detention law on the back of all this. And another point which Kate mentioned and is worth repeating is this: yesterday’s open letter to Blair has been universally labelled as the Muslim MPs’ letter to Blair. Since when are MPs defined by their religion? Or is this religious identity reserved for only those MPs who subscribe to islam? Why don’t we talk about Blair the almost-catholic PM? As I keep saying to people, go see V for Vendetta. That is where we are headed.

And Lebanon is off the radar if you read the front pages….convenient no?