Ershad by Karl Jeffs of Gulf News

Picture above of H M Ershad, by Karl Jeffs of Gulf News. One question Karl - did you use photoshop to make him look this good?

H M Ershad, ex-dictator and darling of the gossip columnists, has returned with a splash to the centre stage of bangaldeshi politics. His dalliance with the BNP has set the cat amongst the pigeons. He has managed to ruffle everyone’s feathers with his little tete a tete the other day with BNP bigwigs. The bearded contingent of the BNP government are seriously cheesed off because their calculations suggest that they might stand to lose out with Ershad being able to deliver the critical votes ( the more critical your role the bigger the slice of the pie after the elections). Then there is Hasina. She has become positively apoplectic. She has teased Tarek Rahman asking him how it feels to go to see the killer of his father ( a charge contemptuously dismissed by Ershad). She has likened Khaleda to Lady Macbeth  for entertaining thoughts of an alliance with Ershad ( could someone remind her that in Shakespeare’s Macbeth there were three witches and not just two?!) And could someone explain to me what this Macbeth reference is all about? Perhaps Hasina wants Khaleda to do what Macbeth’s wife ended up doing?? Or perhaps she is commenting on the great themes of that play - lust for power, megalomania, deception and treachery? In which case, she is hardly the one to speak, according to the editorial of The New Nation. And finally, and not very importantly, the issue of judicial independence might become a bit clouded because old HM might want some outstanding charges against him dropped in return for his favour….nothing new there.