The embattled Bangladesh Election commission has a lot on its plate. There have been the constant calls for the resignation of Aziz, the appointment of a new secretary and there has been a policy u-turn etc etc. And so I thought I would check out their web site. It is not a great web site. Not terribly well updated. But what got me was the google adsense ads on the page. What kind of government agency cashes in on web advertising for goodness sake? And who is getting the money? And surely this is ultra vires? This outfit is NOT supposed to be making money.

I dug around. I found that the registrant of the domain was a certain Mohammed Nazrul Islam of Winux Soft Ltd. And their web site is that of a web design company. So is this web design company cashing in on a government outfit? Did they get permission to do this? And if so, what are the financial arrangments?? Does Transparency International Bangladesh know about this?! The identical web site but without the ads (but again hosted by by Winux) is here. and this has the extention. Mr Islam even links to that site from the index page. He keeps the ads on a page that is registered on the web but with no direct links from the bd-ec site (the page is election.php3). So it is possible that Mr Islam shows his clients one web site but maintains both on the web having registered both on search engines, and he derives profit from the page with the google ads. There really cannot be any innocent explanations. He has big shot organisations on his portfolio and this behaviour is more than reprehensible.


Z of DP wrote to the esteemed Mr Islam above threatening exposure at a greater level and Mr Islam gave, shall we say, a not terribly professional response. Anyhow, Mr Islam seems to have removed the pages and the ads now.