Check the treatment meted out to the EU Troika and compare it to the reatment given to the visiting US Assistant Secretary of State for South Asian Affairs, Christina Rocca ( a former CIA agent of 15 years standing). The EU Troika go to Dhaka and try to speak as constructively as possible. In an earlier post I described how they raised the issue of an independent election commission and the need for politics to become less confrontational. They got snubbed by Khaleda Zia and the Election Commissioner. Indeed the latter pretended to be in hospital….Now when Rocca arrives the first thing she does is say that Bangladesh is not only a “functioning democracy but a shining role model of Muslim democracy.” And what is she primarilly referring to in that phrase: yup the “anti-terrorism efforts” of the Bangladesh government. Bangladesh is a partner in the fight against terror and all that crap. She hits the mark and she is feted. She has said nothing yet about the election commission and its need to be independent. Doesn’t even matter if you are in bed with the fundamentalist Jamaat.

Talking of fundies. Notice all the acres of newsprint given over to the Hamas victory. And the Israeli hawks see this as yet another opportunity to shut down the already mangled peace process. If the Afrikaners in South Africa could sit down with the ANC - why can’t these zionists sit with these fundies? The transition in South Africa showed that a state at war with neighbouring countires, a state facing defiance and violence within the country and a state responsible for the deaths of thousands and thousands of people can still move on and within a relatively short time become a country that isn’t plagued by terrorism - state terrorism or the “terrorism” of those who are desperate and without hope.