One or two interesting observations in an article otherwise full of perverse observations and chauvinism. This is apparently the second parter of a two part piece.

Here is an interesting bit below:

Also during my last visit, I wanted to see the spot in Dhaka’s Race Course Ground, now turned into a park, where the Pakistan Army had formally surrendered. I was curious to see how this piece of history had been preserved.

With considerable difficulty my Bangladeshi friend and I were able to locate a small, neglected plaque overgrown with bush which recorded (in Bengali only): “This is where, on December 16, 1971, the aggressor Pakistan Army surrendered before the Mukti Bahini and allied forces”.

For those not familiar with the history, the unnamed “allied forces” (an auxiliary to the Mukti Bahini, according to this account) could have been from Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, or India. National pride and Islamic resurgence probably prevent a direct admission of the crucial Indian military role.