Mr Naga pickle

Want to know what the most under-rated export is from Bangladesh? It is Mr Naga - a fantastically tasty pickle made from Naga chillis and of world class quality. Words cannot do this pickle justice. Its aroma alone is enough to make you salivate. You just have to try it. Live on your own and want to make your food tastier? Mr Naga will do the job. Want to give mum’s tarkari that extra bit of pezzaz? Mr Naga is your pickle. Sadly, it is not available anywhere in the beloved country. I have tried to locate it in Uttara and Gulshan but without success.

Yes true this particular export will have limited appeal. Only those with a fire resistant palate will appreciate it. And it is not even a marinade like the delicious South African Nando’s marinades or the equally delicious Walker’s Wood Jamaican Jerk Seasoning but for all that it is damn good, and punches with the rest of them. Head over to Brick Lane and get some now. You will be addicted soon enough BUT NOT in the way some BD Foods exports are likely to be addictive ;-) Mr Naga is now even available in Scotland! I am writing to my local Sainsbury’s to get them to stock it.