The Guardian has a travel site called “Been there.” The whole idea of the site is to get the readers’ tips and photos about places they “love, live in or have just visited.” A kind of tourist guide for the readers by the readers.

I have done my bit for Dhaka - I have added 6 out of the 7 tips over a period of 4 months last year. I want to add loads more about other bits of Bangladesh but how come no one else is adding anything? I cannot believe that there is no one else out there who reads the Guardian online and also knows Bangladesh sufficiently well to give a recommendation or two? The site has grown exponentially BUT NOT the section on Bangladesh! I suspect the bangalis residing in the UK are too busy reading rags like Janomot and Notun Din (bangali language newspapers with proficiency in cutting and pasting stories but hopeless in every other respect).

So if you are reading this - please go and register on the site and post a tip. But don’t post a “test tip” like some nutter has done. And please don’t spam the site. The last thing they want is an off-topic post by a certain well meaning group about some online survey….