The New York Times today has an article on working conditions in factories in Jordan which produce garments for Wal-Mart: 20 hour days, withheld payments and physical violence. And its no surprise to find Bangladeshi workers at the receiving end of all of this.

The important thing to note is the way bangladeshi workers are used in Jordan is tantamount to human trafficking: workers are given false job promises, their passports are taken from them and they are tied to the jobs given to them and and are unable to leave. Charles Kernaghan of the National Labor Committee ( US based) described his experience :

These are the worst conditions I’ve ever seen.You have people working 48 hours straight. You have workers who were stripped of their passports, who don’t have ID cards that allow them to go out on the street. If they’re stopped, they can be imprisoned or deported, so they’re trapped, often held under conditions of involuntary servitude.

Earlier this year I talked with a worker who had returned to Dhaka after two years or so in Jordan including a stint in prison. Read my blog post about him HERE.