Not even the most creative anti-indian agitator could have dreamt this one up: Dhaka owls are being killed for their brains and eyes. Why? To cure sexual deficiencies across the border in India. Sex maniacs have created such a demand that six adult owls fetch about $350. Read HERE and HERE.

There is some noise these days about a third force exploiting the stalemate and “dysfunctional governance” created by the two ladies in Bangladesh. Shahid Alam discusses how such a scenario might come about.

And under National News on the Awami League web site, we have the announcement that a computer programmer from the US is arriving tomorrow in Dhaka. So what, i hear you say? Well it is Hasina’s son and so I guess her party webmasters decided that this was news that needed to go on the front page. Or they were told to put up this non-news. Whatever….but today’s capture of militants is still not up on their site…..