Did you know that there was a sub-continental version of the often asked question “what were you doing when Lennon was shot?” Oh yes there is. It is “What were you doing when Pakistan surrendered in Bangladesh in 1971?” General Musharraf of Pakistan, dictator, military hard man, admirer of Roman and German generals and partner to the US in its war against terror, was apparently crying his eyes out at the “disgusting” news of the surrender. The event left the poor man “emotionally hurt” he confessed in a cosy meet-the-Musharraf-family TV show. He was, it appears, a sensitive young commando at the time (but not stationed in Bangladesh). I can just picture Musharraf as a commando with his balaclava on and his machine gun sniffing and sobbing into an atar-scented hankie.

I wonder whether it was the humiliation of defeat or the fact that he was not involved in the killing spree that bothered him most? And after all that weeping it would understandably be hard for him to have any tears left for the hundreds of thousands of innocent bangladeshis who perished?

I am afraid if you read the memoirs, biographies etc of other prominent Pakistani politicians - people like the Bhuttos (both of them) etc - you will encounter similar strange and stuck-in-the-past views about the formation of Bangladesh together with a refusal to acknowledge reality.

Just one thing I would love to know about. Which german generals does Musharraf admire? Those involved in the Nazi aggression against the godless Soviet Union no doubt? Those years of war which resulted in the deaths of millions? That would fit the profile I guess.