Monira Rahman

Here is a bit of news you may have missed. The German section of Amnesty International have recognised the work of the Acid Survivor’s Foundation and its executive director, Monira Rahman, with its Annual Human Rights Award. In the pics you will also spot Irene Khan, the General Secretary of Amnesty International - and also of Bangladeshi origin!

Last year’s acid tally according to the ASF was 267 victims (178 women and 89 men. figures include 53 children under 18). Causes were :

  • dispute about land, property, or money: 46 percent
  • crimes related to rejection or refusal of love, sex or marriage: 15 percent
  • marital disputes: 12 percent
  • disputes within the family: 10 percent
  • dowry disputes: 5 percent

Above figures and full story HERE.

Last year Matiur Rahman, editor of Prothom Alo, was honoured by the Ramon Magsaysay Award Foundation for his role in highligting the issue of acid throwing and setting up a victim fund.