Gloating is not a dignified thing to do. Today, and in this particular case,  I make an exception. Tom Heinemann’s documentary “Caught in Micro Debt” set off a chain events which resulted in a thorough evaluation of the operations of Grameen. And today the man who has headed it for decades has been sacked.  For decades Yunus has been the darling of neoliberals with his market solution to poverty. His grinning face is everywhere. For decades his zillions of fawning supporters have twisted the truth and failed to see the limited creature that microcredit is. I hope today that grin has been wiped off his face. For sure he is fighting back and he has powerful friends both at home and abroad. But this is a day to savour. I shall say no more. I am privilleged to have been part of the documentary. So thanks Tom.  And I thank my team in Bangladesh for this great result.