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Violence at textile mill

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Nov 19,2008

Fifty people are said to have been injured after protests over quality of food served to the workers led to violence. Reuters reports that the violence lasted several hours at the Abani Knitwear Textile Mill at Hrishipara.

The Automobile industry? Why?

Nov 17,2008

Public transport is non-existent in many parts of the US. Automobile industry interests have opposed and destroyed public transportation and made people dependent on gasoline whatever the cost of it.

Tea and Fair Trade

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Nov 16,2008

This week will see the launch of a new documentary by Tom Heinemann dealing with the issue of “Fair Trade.” How fair is it really? Tom looks at tea estates in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to answer this question. Watch this space for more information. 

Nov 5,2008

Rahm Emanuel

So if the rumours are to be believed, the saviour of the world,  president-elect Brak Obama has appointed Rahm Emanuel as Chief of Staff. This man’s father was in Irgun. Irgun was a terrorist outfit  - an anti-arab terrorist outfit so that really doesn’t count in the eyes of Americans I would suspect. Mr Emanuel has also volunteered for the Israeli army back in 1991 ….

So a great start really for the man who is going to change things?! My less cynical mates tell me that Obama will curtail the usual US proclivities - warring, torturing, renditioning etc.  Yeah right.