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Billy Nair

Oct 23,2008

Billy Bair

I met Billy Nair in 1988 during the third emergency in South Africa. He was underground at the time and we met in the dead of night in Reservoir Hills, Durban for an interview. We spent a couple of hours chatting about his life,  and the state of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa. It was one of the most educational two hours I have ever spent in my life.

Today after a week in ICU, this stalwart of the anti-apartheid movement has passed away. Go well, comrade.

E-waste by Robert Knoth

Oct 20,2008

Quite a fascinating slide presentation of photographs from Pakistan by Robert Knoth. Devastating photographs of people eeking out a living from what the photographer calls “E-Waste.” A Greenpeace initiative.  Click the image.

Murti Protirodh Committee

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Oct 18,2008

The nuts are at it again. Five sculptures of Bauls have been removed including one of Lalon from the vicinity of Dhaka airport. I hear today that there has been some kind of damage also? Can anyone confirm?

The roads and highways department as well as the civil aviation authority came under pressure from the “Sculpture Prevention Committee” and removed the busts. Unbelievable. Check the Daily Star here and here.

Oct 18,2008

Oct 17,2008

Living in Cambridge as I do, I have had the misfortune of meeting many ex-alumni of St Stephen’s College, Delhi. Almost without exception they are arrogant, full of themselves and have a jaundiced view of the world ( whether they count themselves as left or right or just plain bigot). (Apologies to Amitav Ghosh for this massive generalisation - but I am sure you would agree Mr Ghosh?)  So I am not in the least bit suprised to find that V K Malhotra of the BJP went to St Stephen’s.

You can see for yourself by reading this interview with Malhotra where he excels himself by conflating terms and issues:

All Muslims are not terrorists but all terrorists are Muslims. Saying that don’t target them (Muslims) does not mean that even terrorists should not be targeted.


Terrorists should get the message that once they are caught, they cannot escape.

We would like to see that everyone in Delhi has an identity card. We will make it mandatory. One lakh Pakistanis and four lakh Bangladeshis are here, who came with visas and did not go back. They have all sort of become citizens here…. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. All sorts of criminal groups are coming in from Bangladesh. We will implement it right after we come to power, and it is very important on our agenda. We will ask for a very strong terror law in Delhi, like the one in London.
Oct 15,2008

Here is a video of Muhammad Yunus talking to Business Week about the financial crisis. Why is he confusing the banking crisis with a capitalist crisis? What is this self-correcting system he is advocating? What is the fund he is talking about which is proportional to the business deals undertaken by banks and which will act as a safeguard? And after the interviewer intervenes he says  banking should be a “social business?” What the hell is he talking about? Someone please help me.

Oct 11,2008

…(well, maybe there are one or two exceptions…)

Jorg Haider