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Jan 3,2008

Ruhul Amin

He spoke out against the exploitation of migrant Bangladeshi workers. He set up an open house and free clinic to serve the bangladeshi workers in Bahrain. I made this blog post about him in 2006. He seemed exceptional in the causes he took up on behalf of working people. One simply doesn’t expect that from our diplomats. Recently, his post was shifted to Paris, and no doubt, he got mired in the Guimet fiasco. I was keenly looking forward to meeting him for the purposes of a project i am involved in - but that will not be. Go well, Mr Amin.

(Rezwan reports that his family said he was under tremendous pressure because of all the nonsense surrounding Guimet. Here is the latest about that re the terms of insurance. )

The BBC and Garment Workers

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Jan 2,2008

Some 10,000 textile workers defy a ban on protests in Dhaka (22/09/07)

Under the photo above, the BBC editor has commented “Garment workers regularly take to the streets.”

Yup. Just that. A total abstraction. As if these lumpen workers just get up and swarm on to the streets with their lathis willy-nilly. Like in Bunuel’s film L’Age D’or where the voiceover says “And sometimes on sundays….” and then you see a building collapse. A total absurdity and if you are reading this I would appeal to you to drop the idiot editor a line. What is regular and sustained, as I have said before, are bad salaries, unsafe working conditions, and building collapses like in Bunuel’s film which kill and maim workers.

This is a classic case of a BBC editor using stock photography to illustrate a story. In this case, it seems to be highly inappropriate to use a photo from months ago to illustrate a totally different problem happening in 2008. How do i know this? The alt tag of the image reveals all! Here is what it says:

Some 10,000 textile workers defy a ban on protests in Dhaka (22/09/07)

And the image shows the workers carrying lathis. Were they carrying lathis yesterday? This is the sort of slapdash stuff the BBC now regularly outputs.


Sculptor Tejosh Halder Josh

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Jan 1,2008

has a new website at If you recall I wrote about meeting him earlier. This time I got the spelling of his name right at least….

Tejosh writes:

My work reflects my thoughts on culture, politics and society. Sometimes, I like to reveal hidden truth in our social life. One of my pieces is titled Sink; there I tried to show some street children who are reading. I realize they have no opportunity to go school but when they get a book or a newspaper, they try to read it very attentively. Resist depicts a female figure and a child. In Bangladesh, Women and children survive many difficulties. I want to see them as very strong.