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Sep 5,2007

Voting rights and national identity cards are to be given to the “Biharis” or Urdu-speaking people or Stranded Pakistanis of Bangladesh or whatever other name you wish to apply to this stateless and marginalised community. A high level ministerial meeting took place today, and the news was released an hour or so ago. A final decision will be taken two weeks from now.

This is a long and sad saga, and perhaps there is some light at the end of the tunnel. The topic is the subject of a film documentary I am involved in making with Tanvir Mokammel. More, a lot more, to come on this issue.

Tejosh Haldar Josh

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Sep 4,2007

I find his mix of humour and social commentary very compelling. This scupltor is not only talented but he is also quite fearless. I can’t wait to see his work in the future. And oh yes, I own that statue you see…

Tejosh Haldar Josh behing Fat Boy

pic with N95 at the Bengal Gallery


Sep 3,2007

Time for me to again distribute mishti on the net. Please help yourself…. Khaleda Zia, the ex-prime minister of Bangladesh, is to be the guest of the caretaker government for the immediate future. She and her son Koko have not been upfront about their various financial activities, and so it is hoped they will be helped to become more transparent in special quarters set aside for them. Here is Khaleda in earlier times thanking contributors - the general Bangladeshi population - for their kind donations.


Sep 1,2007

UPDATE TO POST: here is the stamp.

Corruption’s other cousin - anti-competitive practice - reared its slightly less ugly head when a new ten taka stamp honouring nobel laureate Mohammed Yunus was unveiled yesterday. Dressed up as honouring a national achievement it is of course nothing more than shameless state patronage of a particular conglomerate. What the hell are competitors supposed to make of this? Yes folks its directed development. Get to tolerate it.

The stamp was unavailable in Gulshan post office today. I am wondering what the thing looks like. Is it a generic type of shot of women staring ahead to a bright future or is it the grameen logo perhaps ( which shamelessly appropriates the national colours and the flag)?

I suspect neither. I suspect it is the scarey face of the loan shark banker to the poor Mohammed Yunus grinning ( his way to the bank). Minus three solution anyone?