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May 3,2007

Yes that was the outrageous claim made by Hasina during a speech at SOAS in London yesterday evening. And she was willing to provide a list when questioned by Professor Mushtaq Khan of SOAS! I suspect he will be waiting a long time for that list.

Faiz Abbas of Amnesty International also made it clear that human rights abuses took place during the period of tenure of the AL  and indeed throughout the history of Bangladesh. The AL chamchas responded in a disgraceful manner. I feel too depressed to even talk about it.

We left the meeting dazed. We were amazed by the total and unalloyed arrogance of the AL and their leader. So Anwar Hossain and I drowned our sorrows over a burger in a rather unsalubrious joint near Kings Cross.


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May 2,2007

Shaheen Dill-Riaz’s new film premieres in Munich on 8th May. It is a feature length documentary film about the shipbreakers in Chittagong.