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Man down again…oh boy

Mar 8,2007


Earlier today I exhorted the Caretaker Government to take heart from the example of Scooter Libby. And it looks like they have listened to me. It appears Mr Tarek Rahman, crown prince of corruption, has been arrested.

I am distributing mishti here on the net.


Man down

Mar 7,2007

Neocon bastard Lewis Libby is convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury. Small things in the great crime he helped to engineer…… nevertheless, this protege of Paul Wolfowitz is going down. Mr Fakhruddin’s government should be resolved and go for the biggest fish of them all. Its no bloody use recovering peacocks or hummers or SUV’s or corrugated iron sheets -  fun though it may be. Go for the jugular.

Mar 1,2007

He brought Zinedine Zidane to the country and now Asia’s biggest sensation, Mohammad Yunus, is to support Bangladesh Women’s Football Association.

Initially, it was really tough for us to convince Muslim girls and get them involved in the game of football. Amidst that, we used to constantly face threats from a fundamentalist group, asking us to stop. The situation has changed a lot now. When we started, we saw good responses from six districts. Today, it’s gone up to 10. We have participated in two editions of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) conducted international U-17 championships. What we need however is the support on the financial front for ground infrastructure and organisation.