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A cheery flyer

Feb 3,2007

I snapped this at the Liberation War Museum. It is an institution which is going through a transition and boy it needs to….do read my other posts on this museum ( just search for ‘liberation war museum’ in the search box).

Blood on the streets

Feb 2,2007

jamaat poster

As an avid collector of political posters, I have to say the stuff one finds in bangladesh is quite interesting. As a collector, it is interesting for me to see how design and art speak to people. It is interesting to draw out those aspects of design which have become established and to question why. ( I deal with some of these issues in my forthcoming book on ‘censorship’). Bangladeshi political posters don’t belong in galleries or your walls….they belong in the streets. And I dont mean that in a positive sense. In democratic struggles elsewhere one clearly witnesses the goal of the artists responsible - their goal is about transformation and to inculcate a radical consciousness. In Bangladesh it is to seek out vengeance, to fan the flames of hatred and carry out retribution on the streets. Creative cultural activists are clearly not involved, and one can heave a partial sigh of relief that that is the case. And so the graphic design is quite straightforward and done on a computer in those myriad little printing shops that exist and they consist of some text and gruesome images of death and mayhem. In the album above (click the picture) I give examples of the kind of images to be seen on these posters. In another post I will display a collection of posters.

Feb 1st - Compliance Day!

Feb 1,2007

‘Compliance’ in the bangladeshi garments industry refers  to certain codes which guide the way companies should treat their workers, the wages the workers should be paid (currently what is agreed is below a living wage!) and how to provide safe working conditions. Well, those are the essential top of the list items….And from today, after years of foot-dragging, prevarication, procrastination and downright greed, the industry has to deliver.

From today things must change - so says the military-backed emergency administration currently in charge of the country.

And strangely we haven’t heard too many complaining squeaks from the owners. They are notoriously ostrich-like with their heads buried in large stashes of lolly….and refuse to see the social catastrophe that awaits if they get it wrong. Anyway, maybe in a couple of weeks, on St Valentine’s day, they will follow up by giving the women workers chocs and red roses?