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South Africa House

Jan 20,2006

Today I went to South Africa House, London to collect my signed copy of Imtiaz Cajee’s book about Ahmed Timol. Timol was the detainee who was dropped from a ten storey building to his death by apartheid police. MH is visiting Cambridge for a few days and he accompanied me. We had an interesting time looking around South Africa House. We were given a tour by MT who like all South African ANC chaps was very hospitable and welcoming. It was very worthwhile looking around. All the apartheid era paraphernalia is still there – a testimony to the moral strength of the new owners of the place. I couldn’t help remembering the last time I was there though ….it was some years ago and I was in the company of a most strikingly beautiful south african woman and so didn’t notice as much as I did this time! That is how progressive I am!

Hello again

Jan 16,2006

Well my friend S quit the finance ministry and now she is working for the World Bank in South Africa. And guess what? Yup she has already managed to meet Evo Morales. I mean…what can i say? Well done? I hate you? I hope you took Misu along, S. The closest I will get to good old Evo is probably when I visit La Paz one of these days. Laura and I had every intention of going to La Paz on our honeymoon but there was a railway strike. So we spent a strange few days by Lake Titicaca in Puno (Peru). One night I thought I would annoy the chef and asked for something not on the menu - veal done milanese style. He said nothing and put the phone down. A few minutes later the tastiest veal Milanese ever arrived….