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Oct 11,2008

…(well, maybe there are one or two exceptions…)

Jorg Haider

Sep 30,2008

My Fellow Americans,

It grieves me to see the livelihood of decent ordinary Americans, folk who pay off their mortgages and file their tax returns every April 15, threatened by the behaviour of irresponsible people in the financial sector. That is why I am planning to take the money away from ordinary Americans and give it to those irresponsible people. Because capitalism and democracy is the best system of government in the world, and you can’t have capitalism without irresponsible people in the financial sector.

In normal circumstances I believe that companies which are managed badly should be allowed to go bust. But these are not normal circumstances. The market is not working, as people have lost confidence in the system. That is why, so that ordinary decent people will still be able to get credit to buy homes and pay their children through college, I must take all their money and give it to these very well paid people who mismanaged their companies. Because these are not ordinary people in normal circumstances who use monkey wrenches and stuff and can be allowed to lose their jobs as firms go bust. These are rich folk like me. Society needs rich folk, so unless you give away all your money to these very rich people now, you will end up poor and without a pension and you will die alone and miserable.
This is not like taking money for medical insurance or welfare. I can assure you none of this money will be wasted on poor people, and hardly any of it on black people. So unless we build a bipartisan consensus and you give all your money to me to redistribute to the extremely rich, the plain truth is you will end up poor.

Thank you.

George W Bush

Repost from Craig Murray

See my post from yesterday re how some research work of the IMF is also against a bail out.


Aug 4,2008

The guy is a maniac even in the poetry he writes:

I surmise the sun is wounding me
With its sharp malignant rays
I surmise the stars are healing me
I am the deity of dark cosmic space
A horned cow reveals a faithless goddess
Everything’s turned against me the one true god
I created the world to tear my head off
Judges torture me for insignificant acts
I am disgusted by the souls who radiate nothing
Like a small nasty puppy puny death
Is approaching from afar
I don’t know what to make of all these things
But I can’t stand the sight of you you file of scum
You file of snails
Well hurry up in your slime
Because if I can turn my words into thunder
I can turn you into a pool of stagnant water
Now that I am in this crazy fervor of mine
I could do just about anything
So your stupid rotten your vain souls
Wouldn’t stare at me with their stupid peaceful eyes
If you take women out of the equation
I don’t even know what
These slimy creatures are for
What all their words are for
What their lectures are for
I demand and I want just as God rightfully wants
The immediate abolition of all things
Without a purpose and with no beauty
Without a purpose
And no soundness

Feb 9,2008

Abdul Kader Mollah

I have had to search hard but Abdul Kader Mollah is irrefutable proof of the benefits the last BNP government brought to ordinary employees in certain state enterprises. Mr Mollah, a sales assistant drawing less than $70USD a month, nevertheless managed to amass a fortune totalling at least $66 million dollars (according to his own conservative reckoning) thanks to the auspices of the BNP’s Collective Bargaining Agent and others. Click the link above to read about Mollah and his successful colleagues. Yes, yes - it was not just a solitary success story! At least 80 percent of Titas Gas’ 2800 employees came up trumps too. What finer testimony to the stewardship of industries by the last Khaleda Zia government can there be?

Is it any wonder that the middle classes are fed up with the present government? Price hikes and an end to such benevolent industrial enterprises? The High Court should immediately halt the present government’s investigations into these activities given that these matters happened many years ago ( as in Hasina’s graft cases). Let Mollah flourish!

Sep 12,2007

Estrada life imprisonment

Life imprisonment for corrupt ex-President: “This is the last chance for the state to show that we can do it, that we can charge, prosecute and convict a public official regardless of his stature”

Read here.

Sep 7,2007

Koko sent to jail

Koko on his way to jail gives a performance equal in every way to the cowardly letter writing abilities of AL’s firebrand Abdul Jalil. It later transpired Koko’s blood pressure was critically and dangerously normal at 115/75.

Jul 9,2007

I learnt with disgust that Dr Fazal Mahmud, or Dr Fraud, as one blog calls him owns eight houses in London. His lackey Nazrul Islam Bashon owns three. I also hear on the grapevine that his outfit might have been involved in money laundering for the likes of Delwar Hossain Sayeedi, the extremist Jamaat politician. I wait for the fog to clear on this. In his interview with Angela Saini Dr Fraud pleads that its his moral, social and religious duty to reimburse those hapless people who lost the money they thought they were remitting to Bangladesh. Well it sounds like Mahmud has a ready made solution. Given the value of London properties, he shouldn’t have any problem in returning the money should he?

VIPs in Jail - Yipee!

Jun 6,2007

Ah man there you go again jumping the gun. No, I am not referring to corrupt Bangladeshi politicians for a change. The above title refers to that well-known liar, indeed perjurer, and neo-con bastard and cum laude Yale graduate ( snigger, snigger) Scooter Libby. Bush’s people are trying their best to keep him out of jail. And if the presidential pardon doesn’t come…he could always do an Abdul Jalil and complain of chest pains? Or simply do a runner like …well so many of them? Like his ex-boss Wolfowitz, what he really deserves is not jail but some uranium shoved up his you know what….

Bye bye Wolfowitz

May 18,2007

The World Bank has managed to shed itself of Paul Wolfowitz. Despite the face saving words of spin extracted by the US  for its favourite blood hound in the resignation statement, the fact of the matter is, as Americans say, his ass is fried. This man who is responsible for so much death and destruction personifies the unreal world neocon thinking inhabits. If you remember he was the man who predicted that US soldiers would be feted in the streets of Baghdad after invasion. The Iraqis answered him when he visited Baghdad by almost succeeding in putting a rocket up his arse.

I wondered what the neocon response is to this latest setback to their plan for world domination. And google reader kindly brought my attention to Melanie Phillip’s article  ( a brit gutter journalist) perfectly summarising neocon fantasies. You know what? Its all a Chinese conspiracy.

Here he is with another ambitious personage in a room which appears to require an urgent makeover.

Hasina with Wolfie 2005

What a week

Apr 14,2007

Moudud Ahmed

What an incredible sense of schadenfreude this week: yesterday Moudud Ahmed, the most slippery of politicians, was arrested. It was 1993 when I was the sole voice at Oxford University railing against his fellowship at Queen Elizabeth House ( a centre for the study of development)! It was incredible. Both he and his wife got short term fellowships at Oxford. How did he pull that one I enquired? I was met with silence…

Paul Wolfowitz

Yesterday also, Paul Wolfowitz, neocon bastard extraordinaire and one of the principal architects of the Iraq war, was revealed to have been practising precisely what he has been castigating third world countries for: corruption and neo-conning the World Bank. His mossolman girl friend (oh yes religion matters here), Shaha Rizvi, has managed to do (sadly, not intentionally) what countless people throughout the world have failed to do - make the bastard grovel and apologise.

And of course dear old Hasina. I shan’t put a picture of her up - it might be too much for the constitution.
First came the news of her extortion case. And then very, very justifiably her role in the violence which gripped Bangladesh last year came under the spotlight. As is typical of her self-righteousness, she responded with these words:

“The government thinks it can intimidate me, but it has forgotten that members of my party successfully fought against another military government during the Bangladeshi war of independence in 1971.”

It is this mind set which allows her to overlook the violence that she has brought to the country. Fighting Khaleda had become a holy grail for her - her liberation war, and any bloodshed was seen as a prerequisite for this liberation and therefore entirely sanctionable. The end ( that is of Khaleda) justified the means.

Mar 29,2007

Dana “Dino-farts” Rohrabacher, the US politician and member of the House of Represenatives is the man responsible for delaying the deportation of Major Mohiuddin, the condemened killer of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Dana is well known for popularising the idea of dinosaur flatulence causing global warming. Interestingly he is a rabid opponent of illegal immigration and has proposed, amongst many other things, that people who are unable to prove their immigration status are denied emergency medical help. In March of 2006, according to Wikipedia, he “decried a guest worker proposal as “the foul odor that’s coming out of the United States Senate.”" He has obviously got a thing about smells?

The fact that Mohiuddin himself is an illegal immigrant ( he has overstayed his US visitor’s visa by many years) did not deter Dana from seeking a stay on this self-proclaimed killer’s deportation. Smells fishy to me.

Mar 24,2007

Dawood Ibrahim

Dawood Ibrahim is a big time underworld Don and has apparently had cosy dealings with the Bangladeshi uber-Don Tarique Rahman. Now the shock news from a Mumbai based bookie is that there was something unexpected in the betting patterns on the recent India-Bangladesh game:

“Dawood Ibrahim’ brother Anees and henchman Chhota Shakeel were monitoring the two matches from Jamaica. While there was Rs2,000 crore (20 billion) which includes bets placed in India, Pakistan, London, Dubai, and other international betting circles and riding on the Pakistan-Ireland tie, nearly thrice that amount was placed by punters on the India-Bangladesh match. It is no coincidence that both teams lost their matches the same day.” a leading bookie, who operates out of India told ‘DNA’ newspaper.

My moral compass is going round in circles now.

Mar 13,2007

The sheer pleasure to be derived from the thought of Tarek or Tarique, that arrogant young turk, weeping/sobbing in the dock is something else. The image of him arriving in court wearing a RAB flak jacket and helmet is enormously satisfying.


The image is beautiful in an ordered pair. Here below is its binary partner:

Shaikh Abdur Rahman and Bangla bhai

However this feeling of joy is fleeting. Suspension of all political activity, even meetings indoors is strange and suffocating (well, at least to someone sitting five thousand miles away). A crisis of democracy surely can only be resolved by the practice of democracy. Or maybe thats too rational? The spectacle of arresting high profile crooks, impounding luxury cars and recovering hoarded loot seems to have the purpose of legitimating whatever they are doing…And sooner or later it won’t wash. Rooting out corruption and violence in the political process is exactly that…a process. Lets not suspend it.

Man down

Mar 7,2007

Neocon bastard Lewis Libby is convicted of obstruction of justice and perjury. Small things in the great crime he helped to engineer…… nevertheless, this protege of Paul Wolfowitz is going down. Mr Fakhruddin’s government should be resolved and go for the biggest fish of them all. Its no bloody use recovering peacocks or hummers or SUV’s or corrugated iron sheets -  fun though it may be. Go for the jugular.