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May 13,2008

Flooding in Bangladesh

Some views on climate change in Bangladesh:

1. Land is disappearing everywhere, but new land is taking shape elsewhere. The problem is that the politicians here lack a long-term strategy of gaining, developing and protecting new land.

2. Nowadays most of the sediment simply disappears into the deep sea. This is practically a mortal sin in a country that should have started a program long ago to use the fertile silt, mica and clay to protect its coastline, thereby protecting future generations from drowning.

3. Despite climate change, the country could even grow. Ultimately, though, the greatest threat in Bangladesh comes not from water but from political chaos.

Some forthright views from Carvajal Monar of Royal Haskoning in an article by Gerald Traufetter.

Apr 18,2007

A few years ago I gave up reading The Guardian because of its take on Blairite things. I started getting The Indie. It chimed with my anti-war and anti-Blair thinking. However I have to put up with a lot of environmental scare-mongering including headline titles like the one above.

This article is a spread with several photographs if you have the printed version.

Feb 20,2007

Bangladesh is more exposed than any other country to global warming. And a series of unusual events - from dying trees to freak weather - suggest its impact is already being felt. Justin Huggler reports from the Sundarbans nature reserve for The Independent (19th February 2007)

Aug 31,2006

One is not used to reversals of this order. Reversals suffered by those in power and those who abuse power. Such a tearing up of an agreement with a foreign company about to engage in such a massive project surely indicates something very rotten?

And in case you have forgotten, there are other fresh examples in Bangladesh of this kind of environmental mayhem. I would point you to Tanvir’s documentary “Karnaphulir Kanna.”

Jul 12,2006

Power cuts are a pain and they damage the economy. So Bangladesh needs to secure energy and it could be that the powers that be are going to go after it with the help of London-based Asia Energy . They are planning to develop an open cast coal mine and a 500 megawatt power station in north west Phulbari region. Included in the plans is the displacement of tens of thousands of people including minority communities.

the region of interest

The santals must be wondering when they are going to get some peace and quiet. Since the 19th century these guys have been getting it in the neck from the hegemonic bengalis. The government has to make up its mind. Unlike the TATA thing, this might go through on the nod and that could spell disaster for many.

May 6,2006

Question: what happens if you contribute to depleting the biodiversity of your country?
Answer: Well a few years later, you become business woman of the year.

Hasina Neewaj

Sorry, that should read outstanding business woman of the year. guess .. congratulations Hasina Neewaj. She started off exporting turtles to Hong Kong. This is a trade which has seen a growing number of asian turtles threatened and about to become extinct. Bangladesh exported turtles worth over US$ 8.5 million during fiscal years 1996-1997. During 1997-1998, exports had declined to a value of US$ 1.7 million (Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau 1998). One can guess why….I don’t know what the latest stats are…probably dire.