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South Africa House

Jan 20,2006

Today I went to South Africa House, London to collect my signed copy of Imtiaz Cajee’s book about Ahmed Timol. Timol was the detainee who was dropped from a ten storey building to his death by apartheid police. MH is visiting Cambridge for a few days and he accompanied me. We had an interesting time looking around South Africa House. We were given a tour by MT who like all South African ANC chaps was very hospitable and welcoming. It was very worthwhile looking around. All the apartheid era paraphernalia is still there – a testimony to the moral strength of the new owners of the place. I couldn’t help remembering the last time I was there though ….it was some years ago and I was in the company of a most strikingly beautiful south african woman and so didn’t notice as much as I did this time! That is how progressive I am!

Jan 19,2006

Beauty and the Beast

Get this. Mr Rupert Murdoch has been given an award by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in recognition of his support of Israel. They call it a humanitarian award. I mean what the…How much do you bet this was a tax write-off?

As I was saying to M the other day - Israel’s great successes in some areas go unnoticed. Jews in the UK who go to Israel and buy retirement homes do not see it as a political act. Non-jewish people who go to kibbutz (yes young and totally naive I know) don’t see it is a political act. And so this giving of millions to Israel by this arch-shite is not a political act but a humanitarian one. This depoliticisation is some achievement by Israel. And Nicole? Why was she giving the award?? The reason given is that she is also from Oz. Yeah right. It wasn’t to make it seem non-political and show-bizzy by any chance? Read the story HERE.

Jan 18,2006

George Soros
Three cheers for liberal billionaire George Soros. He goes to Sing and he speaks his mind: Singapore does not qualify as an open socieity. Read here.

Hello again

Jan 16,2006

Well my friend S quit the finance ministry and now she is working for the World Bank in South Africa. And guess what? Yup she has already managed to meet Evo Morales. I mean…what can i say? Well done? I hate you? I hope you took Misu along, S. The closest I will get to good old Evo is probably when I visit La Paz one of these days. Laura and I had every intention of going to La Paz on our honeymoon but there was a railway strike. So we spent a strange few days by Lake Titicaca in Puno (Peru). One night I thought I would annoy the chef and asked for something not on the menu - veal done milanese style. He said nothing and put the phone down. A few minutes later the tastiest veal Milanese ever arrived….